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Nose Surgery Thailand  

Nose Surgery

In medical term, nose surgery is known as Rhinoplasty. Nose surgery is one of the procedures of cosmetic surgery that is performed in order to improve the function or the appearance of human nose. When the nose surgery is done to improve the function of human nose, it is known as the corrective nose surgery. The nose surgery done for the purpose of improving the appearance of the human nose is known as the cosmetic nose surgery.

Nose surgery is also commonly referred to as 'nose reshaping' or/and 'nose job'. The nose surgery is performed to meet the goal of attaining aesthetic beauty. The reconstructive nose surgery is basically aimed towards solving of problems such as breathing problems and birth defects. The nose surgery is usually combined along with other procedures and processes of surgeries for other cosmetic enhancements like chin enhancement, cleft management and face lift.

The nose surgery is of two kinds. The two open nose surgery and the closed nose surgery. The nose surgery is performed under the expert supervison of authentic surgeon. The patients going for nose surgery are subjected to sedation or general anesthesia.

In closed nose surgery, the incisions are made towards the inner portion of the nostrils. In the open nose surgery an added and an almost invisible incision or cut is made across that portion of skin that demarcates the nostrils. The surgeon performing nose surgery first of all separates the soft tissues and the skin of the nose from the inner portions of the nose. The surgeon then reshapes the bone and the cartilage and finally once the entire procedure is complete, the incisions or cuts made are then closed. Some of the surgeons practicing nose surgery, use stent or inside the nose that is followed by another stunt or tape over the exterior of nose.

In some of the cases of nose surgery, the surgeon also shapes a small portion of the bone or the cartilage that is derived from the body of patient himself and herself. This bone or the cartilage is used as a graft in order to strengthen the shape of the nose. In specific cases of nose surgery, synthetic implants are also used in order to enhance bridge portion of the nose.

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